Friday, December 4, 2009

Taste Test! Which Instant Milk is Best?!


And the winner is...............I am not going to tell you just yet.

When we are asked about instant milk and which one is the best, I have a firm, definitive answer.  This answer comes from my own preference, but is backed up by our cumulative experience with taste testing at different venues and from customer reports.  We have had samples given out at church meetings, preparedness fairs and in various homes.  There is one milk that wins these taste tests.  There is one milk that is consistently rated as the best by our customers.

And the winner is..................Country Cream Real Instant Milk!
Country Cream

Country Cream is the only milk that we have found that tastes just like fresh milk.  It is real, instant milk.  It has one ingredient:  Milk ( is A&D fortified).  I am somewhat weird in that I love to drink whole milk.  You can prepare Country Cream as per the directions and have a  great tasting non-fat milk, although the taste is closer to 2% which is more to my liking.  However, if you want to have a milk that tastes more like whole milk.......just add a little extra powder!  I also appreciate the fact that Country Cream will store from 10-20 years.  That is a great shelf life for a dairy product.

Country Cream mixes up easily in hot, warm or cold water.  The milk alternatives require hot water for mixing and then you have to chill them.  Many of the other milks on the market are whey based or milk alternatives.  They are often flavored with sugars or syrups and typically have oils.  Morning Moo has been all the rage for years, but I feel like Country Cream is the better choice based on the ingredients and shelf life.  Most children seem to like Morning Moo, but children and adults alike prefer Country Cream in our experience.

As with anything, preferences and tastes will vary by person.  However, Country Cream is the milk of choice for the folks at Preparing Wisely.