Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Esbit Pocket Stoves

Quality Solid Fuel Stoves Made in Germany
Esbit Pocket Stove

For nearly 75 years, the German company Esbit has been making quality stoves, fuel tablets, cookware and cooking supplies.  These are high quality fold-up pocket stoves that are built to last and have been used all over the world for camping, outdoor cooking and emergency preparedness.  Esbit makes pocket stoves, wing stoves, cookset combos, titanium stoves and mugs, windscreens, pots, pans, solid fuel tablets and other outdoor cookware.
As a young boy scout, we used solid fuel tablet stoves, but they were not Esbit Stoves.  I felt like they were more of a gimmick than anything.  I really didn't see how we could use them and they were of rather poor quality.  I wish I would have had an Esbit Stove!  Esbit Stoves are sturdy and compact, while the fuel tablets burn hot and clean.
Esbit Cookstove
With an Esbit Stove you can heat water for rehydrating MountainHouse Meals, you can cook small meals and you can boil water for water purification.  You can even use the fuel tablets for starting a fire.  These tablets burn at over 1300 degrees and last for over 12 minutes!  These tablets can help you get a fire going or dry out wet tinder.  An Esbit Stove and a good supply of Esbit Fuel Tablets make a great addition to your 72 hour kit or personal backpacking assembly.