Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wheat Montana White Flour

What Makes This the Best White Flour?
Natural White 10 lb Flour
Wheat Montana High Protein Natural White Flour

We all know that grinding your own wheat and grains is more nutritious than using previously ground flour that has been stored for some time.  We also know that the process for milling white flour is to remove the germ and the gran, thus leaving the starchy interior portion of the wheat berry.  Thus, freshly ground whole wheat flour is more nurishing for our bodies.  However, there are times when you desire white flour for certain recipes or additions to food.  When choosing white flour we recommend that you choose the best.

Natural White Flour from Wheat Montana is the best white flour on the market for several reasons.  It is the highest protein white flour on the market.  This flour has not been bleached and has not been bromated.  It also is certified chemical free and GMO free as well.  Harmful chemicals and pesticides have not been added and the wheat berries have not been genetically modified.   This helps you to know that you are not adding harmful chemicals to your body.  The flour is then enriched with B vitamins, iron and niacin.  Finally, the flour includes a small protion of malted barley flour to help as a baking enhancer.  When you combine all of these factors you find that Natural White is simply the best white flour available.  Try some Natural White out on your next batch of holiday goodies!