Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whole Powdered Eggs

An Important Part of Your Food Storage Program

I love my chickens and the fresh eggs that I receive from them each day, but in the preparedness world it is often prudent to also have on hand a long-term food storage item as a backup.  Whole powdered eggs are a great shelf stable product.  The Honeyville brand of whole powdered eggs for instance will last 10 years in the unopened can and up to 1 year after opening.   Some people are a bit skeptical about purchasing them or using them based on their reputation.  Our family has used them in Pancakes, muffins, cookies and other baked goods.  They are easy to measure out and work great.  A good recommendation is to have two (2) to four (4) of the #10 Cans of Whole Powdered Eggs per person in your food storage for cooking and baking needs.

We have also made scrambled eggs with them.  Here is a picture of what they look like once they are cooked.  I put green chilies in with them to help improve the taste.  As scrambled eggs they taste different than fresh eggs because the powdered eggs have been pasteurized.  However, the eggs do bake up nice and fluffy.  If you add spices and/or vegetables they are pretty good.  Our kids actually ate them up with more zeal than we did, probably because they didn't have any pre-conceived notions about powdered eggs like we as adults did!