Friday, September 10, 2010

Freeze Dried Cheese?!

If you like shredded cheddar cheese, try this product.
FD Cheddar Cheese
Many of us love the taste of sharp cheddar cheese and now you can keep it on your shelf instead of your refrigerator.  Once you reconstitute this cheese, it has the taste, texture and cooking characteristics of fresh, shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  You can also just munch on the cheese as a snack straight out of the can.
To rehydrate the freeze dried cheddar cheese, simply add 1 part freeze dried cheddar cheese to 2 parts water.  Make sure the water is lukewarm.  If the water is too hot, it will melt the cheese and clump together.  If it is too cold, the re-hydration process will take a long time. 
After about 5-10 minutes, taste a small amount of the cheese and make sure it is fully rehydrated.  If it meets your satisfaction, drain off the excess water.  If it is still crunchy, allow it to soak for longer.

You can now add the cheese to tacos, casseroles, quesadillas and more.  Chef Tess recently held a kid's cooking class where the kids made hot pockets.  They filled the hot pockets with mozzarella, pepperoni and freeze dried cheddar cheese.  You can check our her recipe for homemade hot pockets by clicking the following link:

We wanted to try the cheese on homemade pizza, so we added some reconstituted freeze dried cheddar cheese to our cheese pizza and it was great.

Hope you enjoy freeze dried cheddar cheese and all of the wonderful things you can make with it!