Monday, October 25, 2010

The Premier Guide to Natural Remedies for Bites and Stings in Arizona

The Premier Guide to Natural Remedies for Bites and Stings in the Arizona Outdoors
Bites and Stings Book
Natural Remedies for Bites and Stings By Peter Bigfoot

For those who have spent any time outdoors in Arizona we have seen or encountered animals, insects, spiders or plants that aren't overly human friendly.  What if that encounter were to turn into a situation where we were bitten or stung?  Do you know how to treat these type of wounds?  What if you were miles away from the nearest doctor?

Peter Bigfoot has over 50 years of experience in using natural remedies for such afflictions.  Peter has important practical experience that he is willing to share with others.  His book, Natural Remedies for Bites and Stings, should be an important part of your preparedness literature and should be a part of your first aid kit.  This book is the point of departure for you to begin the process of learning how nature can heal you.  Natural remedies are all around us.  We just need to take the time to pay attention and learn.

We carry this book in our store and it is affordably priced at $7.00 per copy.  Come in and get your copy today!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Unlock the Nutrition in Your Grains, Seeds and Legumes
Quinoa Ready for Sprouting
The grains, seeds, legumes and nuts that we store for our food storage are packed with a dormant vitality that is unlocked through soaking or sprouting.  The commencement of the germination process within seeds initiates a wonderful process that makes seeds and grains easier to digest, provides beneficial enzymes, provides additional nutrients and vitamins, and also provides greens to your diet.
This Friday we will be having a soaking and sprouting class at the store.  We will discuss the benefits of soaking grains prior to use.  We will also have information on soaking times for sprouts, number of times to rinse, time for germination, methods of sprouting and containers you can use.

Sprouted Spelt Berries being dried

We will also have information on how to sprout wheat berries, spelt berries and kamut berries and how to dry them for sprouted wheat flour.  This will be a class for beginning sprouters with some intermediate concepts as well.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Emergency Water Rations

Emergency Water Rations

SOS Emergency Purified Water
Many individuals and families choose SOS Emergency Purified Water pouches for their emergency water needs.  These pouches make a great addition to 72 Hour Kits, Bug Out Bags, Get Home Kits and Automobile Kits.  The purified water is sealed in a mylar pouch for 5 year store.  The pouches contain just over 1/2 cup of water.  These are Coast Guard approved and are designed for compact storage and easy access.
These pouches are great for emergency kits because they are packed in small portion sizes and the mylar is not a hard container like bottles.  This allows pouches to fit well into your pack.  The mylar is also quite strong and does not allow in light.  The top of the mylar bag is designed for easy tearing to open the pouch.  By using these pouches you avoid the necessity of rotating water bottles every few months.