Monday, May 31, 2010

Sour Cream Powder Product Review

When you need the "Zing" of Sour Cream
Cream Powder Sour

Sour Cream Powder is a surprisingly versatile product.  It can obviously be used in normal applications for sour cream, such as soups, beef stroganoff, baked potato toppings, Mexican Food topping, etc.  However, you can often substitute it in recipes that call for milk, buttermilk or cream.  It adds a tangy flavor to recipes.  When using as a topping, you mix the appropriate powder and water as directed and then chill.  When using in a recipe you can reconstitute first, or you can add in the appropriate amount of powder and water as you add in the dry and wet ingredients.  While Sour Cream Powder may be seen as a food storage luxury, it is a great compliment to many of the foods you store and often a dairy substitute.  Here are a few ways to try it:

Add a small amount of reconstituted sour cream to your bread and roll dough.  This provides a sharper flavor.

Add in a couple of tablespoons of reconstituted sour cream to your beans just after they are finished cooking.  It is delicious!

Make your own home-made ranch dip or ranch dressing.  You can make it healthy and MSG free.

Use as a thickener for soups or cassroles.  The extra cream and sharpness can really get the attention of children.

We have put together a brief video on how to reconstitue Sour Cream Powder.  You can see how nicely it mixes up and how well it sets up.  Hope you enjoy!