Monday, November 22, 2010

Grasshopper Mummy-Style Sleeping Bags for Kids

Great Children's Sleeping Bag at an Affordable Price
Eureka! Grasshopper Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag for Kids

Eureka! makes great tents, sleeping bags and outdoor gear.  One of thier top sellers is the Grasshopper Mummy Sleeping Bag for Kids.  Here you see a happy young camper nice and snug in his Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper is rated down to 30 Degrees.  It is 66" long, which will provide enough room for a child of 5 feet tall.  The bag is 26" at the opening, which will provide up to 52" of room in the shoulders.  The bag tapers down to 18" at the bottom.  The bags includes a a draft tube along the zipper and the standard tightening system around the top of the bag to keep the head warm.  This bag has 1 lb 11 oz of synthetic fill.  The synthetic fill will allow it to provide loft and warmth even when wet.

The bag comes with its own stuff sack.  We love these bags for kids.  They are great for spring, summer and fall camping and can also go with you on trips to family members homes.  Kids love having their own sleeping bags and you have an instant bed for times away from home.