Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The AquaMira Military Frontier Pro Water Filter

Now Available to Consumers
Military Frontier Pro

AquaMira is one of the most trusted names in water filtration.  They specialize in ultralight water filters, purification tablets and liquid purification solutions.  For years the Frontier Pro Water Filter has been a mainstay in the backpacking and emergency preparedness arenas.  Now, they have made available on a commercial basis the Military Frontier Pro Water Filter.
AquaMira Military Frontier Pro

This filter has a bite valve on the top and the tube has active carbon to filter the water.  The filter removes 99.9% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, cysts and protozoa, while at the same time improving the taste and clarity of the water.  The filter is extremely functional.  It includes a straw for drinking right out of a lake, stream or pool of water.  The Frontier Pro screws into most small water bottles and also Platypus soft water bottles and Platypus canteens.  The filter can also be used in-line with hydration packs.  The Frontier Pro now also includes a quick coupler device for use in the place of the bite valve on Camelbak Brand hydration packs.

The benefits of the AquaMira Military Frontier Pro Water Filter include the compact design, the light weight of the unit, its compatibility with hydration packs, its military package, solid reputation and overall reliability.

This filter is perfect for storing in the car, keeping in a scout backpack, storing in a 72 hour kit or keeping in a bug out bag.  The filter has a 50 gallon capacity and does not have a shelf life for time stored.  The AquaMira Military Fronter Pro Water Filter is a superb filter backed by an industry leader.