Monday, September 27, 2010

Essential Signaling Items for Your Emergency Kit

Essential Signaling Items For Your Emergency Kit
ACR Signal Mirror

ACR makes a very nice signal mirror and whistle kit that should be a part of every 72 Hour Kit or Boy Scout backpack.  This mirror provides excellent sighting holes for placing your signal where you want it.  As you can see, the kit includes a lanyard, whistle and float.  I removed the float and added a small flashlight.  This makes highly functional signaling kit.

The ACR signal mirror is easy to use.  You simply make sure that you can line up the mirror with the sun, look through the viewer and then find the red dot that is made by the viewer.  As you can see, the directions are on the back of the mirror.

Last week, our Varsity Scout Team participated in an On-Target event where we contacted various peaks around the state with flashes from mirrors and with HAM Radios.  We mounted this small ACR signal mirror on our large 2' x 2' mirror to help sight in the larger mirror.  The ACR Mirror helped us place a red dot on the mountain that we were trying to signal, which made it a lot easier to hit the other mountain with our flash.