Monday, February 1, 2010

Wheat Montana Prairie Gold

The Gold Standard in Wheat!

As you can see, Prairie Gold is not just for bread!  This delicious Pizza Crust was made using Wheat Montana Prairie Gold, Wheat Montana Natural White Unbleached and Unbromated Flour and Teff.  Prairie Gold helps to produce incredible results while providing you with the ultimate in whole grain nutrition.  We store whole grain Prairie Gold and then grind it just prior to use in order to retain as much of the nutrition as possible.  In certain recipes where a high-gluten white flour is needed, we use Wheat Montana's Natural White Flour, which is unbleached and unbromated.  This indicates that the flour has not been treated with harsh chemicals to further whiten the flour.

Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat is simply a superb product and has so much to offer in terms of nutrition, composition and baking results.  Wheat Montana farms starts with great soil and the perfect wheat growing climate in Montana to produce its wonderful Hard White Spring Wheat.  Prairie Gold is certified chemical free, meaning that it has not been subjected to pesticides, artificial fertilizers or any other chemicals.  Prairie Gold is GMO free, which indicates that it has not been genetically modified.  Wheat Montana farms avoids cross contamination of virulent viruses and their grains are free of irradiation and pasteurization.  Aside from these wonderful benefits, Prairie Gold boasts an amazing 15% - 16% protein content.  Many of the other hard white berries we have seen have a lower protein content in the 10% - 12% range.  The higher protein content means better nutritive building for your body's muscles  Prairie Gold has a low moisture content of less than 10%, which helps its long-term storage.

We use Prairie Gold in breads, rolls, pancakes, crepes,biscuits, muffins, pizza doughs, cookie doughs, cinnamon rolls and much more.  Prairie Gold also makes a great cracked wheat cereal, and a fantastic Creamy Hard White Wheat Cereal.  The best way for you to find out about Prairie Gold is to use it yourself.  Come in and pick up a bag today!