Monday, January 4, 2010

Herbal Scorpion Sting Remedy

At Preparing Wisely, we carry a line of Reevis Mountain herbal healing products made by Peter Bigfoot.  Peter is a wonderful man and a person who is truly in tune with nature.  Through his intuition, personal experience and countless "encounters" with desert critters and plants of all varieties, he has developed some truly remarkable healing products.  At our home, we love Bigfoot's Magic Stuff and Bigfoot's Awesome Antiseptic.  Both of these products stay in regular use at our home.  Bigfoot's Magic Stuff is great for all sorts of ailments, ie flu, colds, fevers, cold sores, etc.  The Awesome Antiseptic works well on cuts and abrasions, and as you can imagine, with 4 children, we have frequent little accidents throughout the week.  While both of these products are wonderful, our most popular item at the store is the Scorpion Sting Remedy.  We have numerous fans, some long-time fans, of this effective remedy.  Fortunately, we have not had to use this product in our home as of yet!  However, we have received numerous testimonials as to the strength and effectiveness of this remedy.  Folks just can't find anything that really works like it.
Scorpion Sting Remedy

A couple of weeks ago, Teana, the store manager of Preparing Wisely, woke up with pain and discomfort in her hand and fingers only to find that she had been stung by a scorpion!  Living in the desert, this eventuality faces all of us as there is an abundance of scorpions here in Arizona.  Most likely, she was stung by a bark scorpion, which can cause serious problems to the extremeties of our body if stung.  So, she moistened a cotton ball with Scorpion Sting Remedy and applied it to her hand.  Within minutes, the pain, discomfort and numbness started to subside.  She kept it on most of the day.  Whenever she tried to take it off, the pain and discomfort would return quickly!

Herbal remedies are not reviewed by the FDA, and so we only state our experiences and opinions relating to this product.  However, we feel confident in the herbal remedies from Reevis Mountain and we believe in the healing power that can be found in nature.

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