Saturday, January 16, 2010

Katadyn Combi Water Filtration

It goes without saying......Water is a Vital element of preparedness.

Many of us tend to focus on food storage and year supply, but water is even more important to sustaining life than food.  While there are ways to store a tremendous amount of water, a water filter provides you with a way to access water from various sources in the event your water can't go with you or runs out.

Katadyn is a Swiss Company that has been making water filters for over 80 years!  Katadyn is one of two companies that is listed on the website under water purification guidelines.  The company has a proven track record and makes high quality products.  Our best selling water filter is the Katadyn Combi.  It will filter an amazing amount of water..........up to 13,000 gallons to be exact.  That is a lot of water.  In fact, rarely do folks even request a replacement filter because it is hard to conceive even filtering 13,000 gallons!  While these units are not cheap in price ($160), they are a great value when considering that the next step down is the Katadyn Mini, which filters 2,000 gallons, costs $100.  So, for $60 more you get an additional 11,000 gallons.  The one advantage that the mini has is that it is very small and extremely lightweight.  The Combi is larger and heavier, but is still a perfect size and weight for a 72 hour kit, emergency kit or survival kit.

These amazing filters remove all of the floaties in your water, plus filter out the bacteria and protozoa that make you sick!  The Combi filters down to 0.2 microns to keep your water clean and safe.  You can drop the hose into a stream, lake, pond, pool of stagnant water, canal, natural spring and even a cow trough and pump out potable water!  Water is a priority and the Katadyn Combi provides a way to access thousands of gallons of water.

Please enjoy the video below to view product information and a demonstration of the Katadyn Combi filter:

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