Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Solar hand cranked Emergency Radios

Hand Crank, Solar Powered Emergency Radios with Built In Flashlights and Cell Phone Chargers
FR150 Microlink
Eton Corporation is the manufacturer of high quality emergency radios.  They offer a line of self-powered radios.  The internal battery pack on these radios can be charged via solar power, or they can be charged with a built in hand crank.  This means that you have full control over the power.  You don't have to store batteries for these radios.  They are ready to use when you are.
What is nice about these radios is that they offer several fantastic features.  The Eton FR160 Microlink shown above has an AM/FM radio which also has the NOAA channels for emergencies.  NOAA is also often referred to as the weatherband.  These frequencies can be used to alert you to weather caused disasters, storms or other natural disasters.  This radio can also charge cell phones and some portable devices depending on the tips you have.
The Eton FR500 Solarlink goes even a step further.  It can charge cell phones, some portable devices, it has an AM/FM radio, the NOAA channels and also features a shortwave radio.  This gives you the full capacity for picking up a wide range of news alerts.  Both of these radios are compact, work well and are manufactured by a proven company.  These radios might be small, but they pack a ton of protection and great features.

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