Monday, October 11, 2010


Unlock the Nutrition in Your Grains, Seeds and Legumes
Quinoa Ready for Sprouting
The grains, seeds, legumes and nuts that we store for our food storage are packed with a dormant vitality that is unlocked through soaking or sprouting.  The commencement of the germination process within seeds initiates a wonderful process that makes seeds and grains easier to digest, provides beneficial enzymes, provides additional nutrients and vitamins, and also provides greens to your diet.
This Friday we will be having a soaking and sprouting class at the store.  We will discuss the benefits of soaking grains prior to use.  We will also have information on soaking times for sprouts, number of times to rinse, time for germination, methods of sprouting and containers you can use.

Sprouted Spelt Berries being dried

We will also have information on how to sprout wheat berries, spelt berries and kamut berries and how to dry them for sprouted wheat flour.  This will be a class for beginning sprouters with some intermediate concepts as well.  Hope to see you there.

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