Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Pantrie Dehydrator

Functional Non-Electric Dehydrator

Food Pantrie

Food Pantrie

The Food Pantrie by Duer International is a wonderful tool for self sufficiency and preparedness.  This non-electric dehydrator is a great way to dehydrate food.  The unit itself is less expensive than most electric dehydrators plus you get the benefit of using no electricity.


We enjoy using our Food Pantrie to dry our sprouted Spelt, Wheat and Kamut before making sprouted wheat flour.  We soak the grain overnight in a 1 gallon glass jar and then allow to sit in a collander covered with a towel for a day.  We then rinse three times during the day.  When the small sprout appears, we take the sprouted grain out of the collander and place the grain on the Food Pantrie trays to dry.  On a hot dry day, the seeds can dry in 24 hours outside.  If you keep the Food Pantrie indoors on a cold day this could take several days.  Test your seed by biting into it.  If it is crunchy and dry you are ready to grind.

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