Monday, January 3, 2011

Real Salt

Isn't all salt real????  So what exactly is Real Salt????
Just pick up a bag of Redmond brand Real Salt and you will begin to understand the difference.  Compared to your regular table salt, Redmond brand Real Salt looks healthy, vibrant and well.......... "real"!
Regular white salt that you find in most stores has been refined in some way, usually bleached and/or purified.  Many experts point out that this robs the salt of all of its healthy benefits while also creating certain health problems through a higher sodium affect on your body.   Regular table salt also will often contain ferrocyanide, yellow prussiate of soda, tricalcium phosphate, alumino-calcium, which are all anti-caking agents.  Many nutritionists feel that these additives prevent the salt from mixing with water, in the box or within the human body, thus preventing the salt from doing one of its important functions on the organism.  By contrast, Real Salt is an all-natural, kosher-certified sea salt extracted from deep within the earth, crushed, screened, and packaged.  It is not heated and it does not have any compounds added.
One popular brand of salt even contains dextrose!  Is this an attempt to get you even more hooked on plain, stripped down salt?????
Real Salt contains over 50 trace minerals and iodine.  These minerals are important for proper nutrition and support the absorption of vitamins and minerals found in other foods you consume.  Food and nutrititional experts also point out that pure sea salt helps to provide your body with a gentle alkiline food that helps regulate the body and helps support healing in the body.   This is salt you can enjoy and feel good about eating.
The best part of all, is that real salt tastes even better than white table salt and comes in fine, regular, kosher and coarse grind.  So quit using salt and start using Real Salt!

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