Friday, March 18, 2011

Adding Fruit and Jam to Your Food Storage Changes...Everything.

Basic Home Canning of Jam
and Canning Safety 101

Free Class March 29th at 9 AM here at Preparing Wisely
Are you a little behind on the Basic sanitation and food safety for home
canning that your GRANDMA didn't know about? Things have changed!
There are many unsafe canning methods and myths out there that could
prove to be potentially lethal! Learn what home canning specialists and food
safety experts think you need to know to keep your family that
your food storage will preserve life...not shorten it. Empower yourself with
This class will cover basic jam and fruit spread canning safety using a water
bath canner. It will be taught by Chef Stephanie Petersen. Her classes are
always full of wonderful information, laughter and food! Come join the fun!
Save your spot today!

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