Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Out for a Hike

Out for a day hike our family outing?

Here are some essential items to take with you in your day pack:

Map of the area and compass

Emergency Blanket or Sleeping Bag

Rain Poncho


2 Liters of Water

Food bars, Granola Bars or other food

Waterproof Matches or Firestarter

Backpacking Water Filter

Small First Aid Kit

Multi-Tool or Knife

Parachute Cord or other rope

Signaling mirror or small mirror

Having these items in  your pack will help you deal with unexpected changes in the weather, with getting lost or with finding yourself out longer than expected.  Water and access to water are critical, thus having water (and the water conatiner), along with a water filter will help you stay hydrated.  A compass will do you little good for the most part without having a map.  Always tell others (who aren't on the trip with you) where you are going and when to expect you back.  If you get lost, stay put!  Lost individuals tend to head off in the wrong direction.

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