Monday, November 30, 2009

Volcano Stoves


Here is a picture of our Volcano II in action.  On a recent campout we used the Volcano Stove and dutch oven to cook a delicious spicy chili at night, and then in the morning we had a wonderful omlet.  Notice how this 12 inch 6 quart dutch oven fits perfectly inside of the stove?  Do you have a larger dutch oven?  NO Problem!  The dutch oven will sit on the rim of the stove.  Just below the dutch oven is a bed of charcoal supported by a heat plate.  Don't have a dutch oven?  Just raise the heat plate to the top and cook with a frying pan or pot.  We have even kept the heat plate in place and put a pan on the grill itself.  We have also used a Wok in the Volcano.  Our Wok nestled nicely down in the upper bowl of the Volcano.  The Volcano is incredibly efficient and draws the heat upward.  You can even put this stove on a plastic table and the table won't melt!

The next picture is of one of the part owners of the Volcano II Stove.  He loves the Volcano and looks for excuses to use it!  The Volcano II Collapsible Cook Stove is by far the most enjoyable and practical fuel based cooking stove that we have ever purchased.  It is our second favorite stove behind the Sun Oven.  We purchased the Volcano II Stove with the Propane Grill, but rarely use the propane attachment.  We enjoy using charcoal and feel better about storing charcoal than propane.  When you combine the Sun Oven and the Volcano Stove you can pretty much cook anything at anytime that you would normally cook in your kitchen.

We have taken our Volcano Stove out camping, to friends houses, to picnics, to Stake and Ward Preparedness Fairs and even on a Stake Youth Trek.  It is amazingly efficient.  When we lived in Utah we became acquainted with the first version of the Volcano Stove, which is now called the Volcano Sr.  One lady even talked about the stove in church!  I was amazed and found out that you could cook 1 meal a day for a year with 300 pounds of charcoal.  That sounds like a lot of charcoal, but it is really only equivalent to 15 of the 20 pound bags.

The way we see it, you could combine the Volcano with the Sun Oven to cook meals not only in an emergency, but on a daily basis as well!

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