Monday, April 5, 2010

Berkey Purifiers - The Ultimate in Purification

Stainless Steel Housing with Ceramic and Active Charcoal Purification Elements
For us, there is nothing more enjoyable than having at our fingertips great tasting, clean water that has not been stripped of trace minerals.  A Berkey Purification System on your countertop is a truly great way to improve your quality of life and have you prepared for emergencies.
So many times we focus on food storage and give very little thought to water.  We really should be thinking:  Water! Water! Water!  With the Berkey Purification System, you can enjoy great water every day and have a filtration and purification system in place to deal with emergencies.  We think that every household should have one of these units.  Why?  There are several reasons:
These purifiers are easy to use!  Just fill up the top reservoir with water.  The water then is absorbed by the filters and then is gravity fed down through the purification elements and into the lower chamber where it can be dispensed.  The set of 2 filters that comes with each unit will last for 6,000 gallons before replacing.  It would take almost 5 years using 3 gallons of water a day to go through that much water!
Do you have water stored in 55 gallon drums or other containers?  Do you ever wonder if it is truly potable?  Berkey water purification systems will not only purify stored water that may not be safe for drinking, but it will also improve the taste of water.  What a great combination!
Another fantastic reason to own a Berkey is for personal health reasons.  With all of the water treatment and water product options out there, we believe that the Berkey Purification Systems make things simple.  We feel like Berkey systems provide great benefits at an affordable price with little to no maintenance.  Berkey systems purify water and leave the trace minerals in the water.  These units remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and a whole host of volatile organic compounds.  They significantly remove heavy metals by up to 95% !  You can also add an additional filter to remove fluoride and arsenic.
Many people want an affordable option to bottled water or water purchased by the gallon.  Others are tired of making trips and hauling heavy containers of water.  With a Berkey Purification System you not only have immediate access to pure, great tasting water, but you also save yourself money and are making an environmentally conscious choice by not using so much plastic.
Berkey Purification Systems make an important part of your emergency water filtration and purification planning.  These units can be used to filter and purify lake water, streams, stagnant pools and other water sources to remove germs, bacteria, cysts and protozoa and improve the taste of the water.  You can see the power filtration and purification process of the Berkey by adding red food coloring to the water to be filtered in the top.  This unit will remove the food coloring!  This is also a way to periodically test your filters for performance.
Berkey Purifier

Many of you have heard of the Big Berkey, but our preference is the step up in size, which is the Royal Berkey.  (The Big Berkey is kind of only holds 2 gallons of water while the Royal Berkey holds 3 gallons of water.)  You can find pricing and additional details at our store website:  .  Start improving your water, your health and your emergency preparedness today with the Berkey Purification System!

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