Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freeze Dried or Dehydrated Fruit

Eat as a snack or use in place of fresh fruit in your recipes

For me it has been hard to imagine not having fresh pineapple once in a while.  Even though it is hard to eat a lot of it without my tongue going raw, it is so delicious that I usually indulge until I can't taste anything for hours.  Canned pineapple is OK.....but just not the same.  So, when companies started coming out with Freeze Dried Pineapple I was a bit skeptical.  Dehydrated pineapple has been around for years and is quite common in various trail mixes.  Dehydrated pineapple retains a fairly good deal of its moisture and is quite chewy and delicious.  However, I must admit that Freeze Dried Pineapple is really the way to go if you are craving a delicious snack.  It is not quite as good as fresh pineapple, but it runs pretty close behind in my book.

The offering of dehydrated and freeze dried fruits in cans is now quite staggering.  For years it was mainly apple chips that were available.  However, you can now find freeze dried and/or dehydrated peaches, strawberries, apples, apricots, pears, blueberries, mangos, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, mandarin oranges and more!  Freeze dried fruits generally rehydrate better, but dehydrated fruits can often be rehydrated in hot water or being cooked in water.  If you need these delicious freeze dried fruits for a recipe you can soak them in water four about 10-15 minutes or until they fully rehydrate.  Then, just add them into your recipe.  Depending on the fruit they work great in pancakes, muffins, cobblers and other baked goods.  The nice thing is that they are ready to be used and do not spoil like fresh fruit.

We have several sample cans at the store for you to try........but beware.........these wonderful freeze dried fruits can be addicting!

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